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Were you diagnosed with a Salmonella infection after eating Gravel Ridge Farms eggs?

You may have the right to sue for compensation if you are a victim of the Gravel Ridge Salmonella outbreak.

National food safety lawyers Fred Pritzker and Brendan Flaherty are representing people sickened by this outbreak. If you or someone you love got Salmonella poisoning, contact Fred and Brendan about filing a lawsuit.

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Salmonella Lawyers
Salmonella Lawyers Fred Pritzker and Brendan Flaherty

Gravel Ridge Salmonella Outbreak

The FDA is investigating a multi-state outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis infections associated with shell eggs from Gravel Ridge Farms.

As of October 2, 2018, 38 people got sick in a Salmonella outbreak associated with recalled Gravel Ridge Farms eggs sold by grocery stores and restaurants in AL, GA and TN. In this outbreak, onset of illness dates range from July, 10, 2018 through August 7, 2018.

Salmonella Symptoms

Symptoms of a Salmonella infection, which include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and fever, usually develop within six to 72 hours of exposure and last about a week. Patients suffering from severe dehydration must be treated at a hospital. In instances where the infection travels from the intestinal tract to the bloodstream, Salmonella infections can be life-threatening.

Salmonella Bacteria

Salmonella Lawyer

A Salmonella lawyer can help you get compensation for illness from contaminated food. Lawyers at our law firm have won millions in lawsuits against restaurants and food companies, including $6.5 million on behalf of a child who suffered permanent brain damage and $4.5 million on behalf a man who got meningitis and almost died.

Gravel Ridge Egg Recall


On September 6, 2018, Gravel Ridge Farms issued a recall for cage-free large eggs. The recall includes eggs packaged in single-dozen cardboard cartons and 2.5-dozen cardboard flats with the UPC 7-06970-38444-6 and “use by” dates from July 25, 2018, through October 31, 2018.

Restaurants and grocery stores in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia including Piggly Wiggly, Warehouse Discount Grocery and Western Market stores served and sold the eggs. You can see a complete list of stores where the recalled eggs were sold  on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website.